Field Notes

Ep 12: Miroslav Valeš on Fieldwork in the Americas & Spain

July 16, 2019

This week’s interview is the Season 1 finale with Miroslav Valeš (Technical University of Liberec). In this interview, Miroslav discusses his long and varied fieldwork career, and his experiences working with the Lakhota (USA), Shuar (Ecuador) and A Fala (Spain) communities. 

Content Warning:

There is some sensitive material discussed in this interview, including traditional practices that some people may find disturbing.

Things mentioned in this episode: 

Andalusian Spanish on Wikipedia 

Fala language on Wikipedia 

Lakhota language on Wikipedia 

Shuar language on Wikipedia

Huambisa language on Wikipedia 

Achuar language on Wikipedia

Legend of the Pishtacu (Pishtaco) on Wikipedia

Community-Driven Documentation and Description of A Fala

Miroslav’s publications on

Miroslav’s profile on ResearchGate

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